Wool and History, Knitted Together at the Campbell Town Show

From its beginnings in the early 1800s, farming in Ross was good – the land was flat and water plentiful. As a result, in 1826, it became the venue for the first agricultural show in the midlands – in part celebrating Ross’ premier export – wool.

Fast-forward to 1838, and we see a group of progressive landowners establish the now prestigious Campbell Town ShowTasmania’s only sheep show and the longest continually run show in the British Commonwealth.

The Tasmanian Wool Centre (TWC) has been promoting the properties of wool and showcasing its historical links to the Tasmanian Wool industry for more than 30 years. May 2021 gave our not-for-profit retail store another opportunity to do just that, by featuring its high-quality Australian wool garments during the much-anticipated Campbell Town Show fashion parade, setting the stage with bold, eye-catching colour stories. The fashion parade has been bridging the gap between farmers and fashion for over two decades and regularly features Australian wool fashion designer Jan Dineen, who creates innovative and dynamic garments especially for the event.

The Campbell Town Show remains an illustrious occasion that TWC is proud to support, both through continued sponsorship and donation to the valued Exhibition Hall. This coming May, we look forward to further highlighting the importance of the show by promoting more gorgeous Australian wool garments, using timeless, comfortable pieces to extend your wardrobe. Stay tuned for more!