How To Care For Your Merino Wool Garments

The following care tips for your Merino garments apply to all garments made of Merino, whether 100% Merino or proportionally contained.

Start by following the instructions on the product care label of your garment.

Heat and agitation will damage the natural fibres and should be avoided during the cleaning process. It is therefore best to hand wash your garments gently in cold water, unless otherwise specified.

Now, what should you wash with?

Select a specific wool wash. It is important to avoid products that contain enzymatic cleaners, as they will significantly degrade garments.

How to dry your Merino wool garment:

Hanging a wool garment can cause damage due to overstretching. To maintain the shape and vibrancy of your clothing item, it is best to dry it flat, away from direct sun.

Storage of Merino wool clothing:

Once dry, you can pop your garment away with a natural moth and silverfish repellent such as lavender, near your stored wool items. TWC offers ‘Herbal Bug Busters’ in-store and online, which will keep your items free of any unwanted visitors. If storing for an extended period, perhaps at the end of the cooler months, it’s wise to invest in either plastic resealable bags or calico bags as a measure of safety.

Remember to always follow the care instructions inside your garments label for best practice washing results. If you are unsure how to wash or care for your TWC item, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.