What’s in Your Closet with Tanya

Our styling guru, Tanya, has been with The Wool Centre for three years. She’s a passionate knitter and a trained Styling Merchandiser, which makes her a vital part of our team. We’ve had a chat to her about some of her favourite TWC items and what she values about the garments she purchases.
What is your favourite colour to wear?
That’s a difficult question! The colours I reach for tend to be season-dependent. In the summer months, I wear a lot of white as it feels cool and fresh. In the spring I often wear purples and dusky pinks, while in winter I reach for the darker colours.

What are your main considerations when buying, price, quality or style?
Definitely quality – I believe you get what you pay for and I’m not a supporter of ‘fast fashion’. I have the same garments for years and years and just mend as I need to.
What items do you repeatedly wear?
There are a few! I love my Merino straight-leg pants by Merino Country for their quality and comfort. I also have multiple pairs of the Tooralie Bendigo Jeans which are so reliable. As for tops, I can’t go past my Tooralie long-sleeve T-shirts in winter and Bridge and Lord’s line of knitwear with just a hint of cashmere.
Which piece do you have your eye on at the moment?
The Merino and possum ponchos by Lothlorian – They are so soft and come in the most gorgeous range of colours – the trouble is, I can’t decide which colour to get first!
Any hints on TWCs upcoming colour stories? What would you like to see more of?
Our upcoming colour-stories are going to reflect more of the Australian landscape – think cosmetic clay, forest green and misty mountains. With respect to what I’d like to see more of in store, ideally some more products from indie dyers and spinners – they have such unique characteristics and it’s great to support small independents!