Waverley Mills: A Story of Enduring Craftsmanship

The rich history of Waverley Mills traces back to 1874, when Scotsman Peter Bulman initiated the production of tweed, blankets, felted cloth, shirting, and flannel in Launceston, Tasmania. Originally called the Waverley Woollen Factory, it has evolved over 140 years into what we now know as Waverley Mills.

The mill played a pivotal role in making textile manufacturing a dominant industry in Tasmania. Through its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, the mill became a cornerstone of the Australian wool industry. At its zenith, Waverley Mills proudly held 80% of the Australian blanket market, showcasing its prominence and the trust it garnered from consumers.

As times have changed, Waverley Mills continues to adapt and thrive. The recent update of the name and brand to Waverley Mills reflects a commitment to modernity and a nod to the company’s enduring heritage. Today, Waverley Mills stands as a symbol of resilience, quality, and the lasting craftsmanship that has defined Australian wool textiles for well over a century.

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