Our local/global connections

The Tasmanian Wool Centre goes to great lengths to provide garments with a connection to our local Tasmanian Merino Wool.  That’s why being the only Australian retailer of Ortovox garments is so meaningful to us, because Ortovox source their Merino wool from our local farms in the Tasmanian midlands.

Knowing that the best wool comes from the happiest sheep, the Ortovox team’s research led them to Tasmania where they found Merino sheep living in the most ideal conditions to grow the top quality wool they were seeking.

They found sheep living a relaxed life, free to roam the rich grassy pastures, in an environment with no extremes of heat and cold, with gentle, though minimal human interference. The local farms raising these happy sheep are: Ashby and Lewisham, both at Ross; Kennilworth, at Campbell Town; Rothamay and Montecute, near Bothwell; and Stonehenge, near Oatlands. Ortovox regularly engage with their supplier farmers, and are confident of the wellbeing of these sheep.

Investment in Merino sheep breeding in Tasmania over the years has produced world class quality wool with so many beneficial properties: softness, insulation, tear resistant, anti-static, anti-bacterial, doesn’t scratch, smell, or even crease very much.

Our range of Ortovox garments are perfect for any situation, whether you’re climbing mountains or strolling along a river bank, running, cycling, or at the park. You will be comfortable and dry, confident in your high quality, durable, and fabulous looking clothes.

Nothing beats the sensory feel of wool. It is an experience that cannot be satisfied in the on-line shopping world and so we encourage you to visit the Tasmanian Wool Centre for personal in-store service to help you find the outfit just meant for you.

If you are unable to visit us, while we do not have an online shopping cart, we welcome your order or enquiry via email, or call us on 03 6381 5466 (international: +61 3 6381 5466). Talk to us about the colours and sizes we have in-store. Our friendly team look forward to helping you. 

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185 Rock ‘N’ Wool Long Sleeve T-shirt
Colour: Night
Also: Grey, Blue, Green
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

185 Rock ‘N’ Wool Short Sleeve T-shirt
Colour: Grey
Also: Green, Night, Orange
Sizes: S, XL, XXL

Ortovox 185 mens long sleeve in grey

185 Rock ‘N’ Wool Long Sleeve T-shirt
Colour: Grey
Also: Night, Blue, Green
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Ortovox 185 green short sleeve

185 Rock ‘N’ Wool Short Sleeve T-shirt
Colour: Green
Also: Grey, Night, Orange
Sizes: S, M, L

Ortovox beanies at Tasmanian Wool Centre Ross, Tasmania Australia

Alistair and Polly modelling our Ortovox ‘We Wool The World’ Beanie in Aqua and Black

Unisex Beanie (available in Green, Aqua, Coral) – $79.00

Ortovox 185 mens shirt Tasmanian Wool Centre, Ross Tasmania AustraliaAlistair modelling our Ortovox 185 Rock ‘N’ Wool Long Sleeve in Grey and ‘We Wool The World’ Unisex Beanie in Aqua

185 Long Sleeve –  $179.00
Beanie (available in Green, Aqua, Coral) – $79.00