Trevor George Knowles

Trevor George Knowles

Trevor George Knowles Trevor Knowles enlisted in the 26th Battalion in March 1915, at the age of 19. He has spent the previous six months working as a blacksmith under Mr McCarthy of Tunbridge.

Trevor saw service on the Gallipoli peninsula and in France. In the winter of 1916/17, he was treated for frostbite and trench feet. In August 1918, he was wounded and then appointed to the rank of Driver. He returned to Australia in 1919.

A public reception was held in Ross to welcome Trevor and his brother Harold, and others, home. On there way there, the pony they were driving shied and overturned their cart, throwing out all occupants. Fortunately, no serious damage was done.

After the war Trevor was involved in a range of sporting teams and clubs including football, cricket, rifle, and badminton. He married Margaret (May) Fitzallen, another Tunbridge local, and in 1936 they moved to Launceston. They had one son, Peter.

Trevor’s story is part of our exhibition: Our Grateful Thanks and Loving Remembrance, a moving and deeply personal exhibition remembering the soldiers whose names are immortalised on the Ross War Memorial.