Wool and history, knitted together

The Tasmanian Wool Centre was established in 1988 with the assistance of the then Ross Municipal Council, grants from the State and Federal Governments and generous donations from many members of the community.

Operating as a not-for-profit organisation, the Centre is overseen by an honorary board of Trustees.

The principal object of the Corporation is to foster the economic and social development and improvement of the village of Ross which includes the following-

  • Provide and maintain a museum, depicting the heritage of the village and its historical links to wool growing in the area.
  • Promote the properties of wool through showcasing its uses in the retail area.
  • Promote the heritage features of the village to visitors.
  • Provide local employment.
  • Raise finance and other forms of financial assistance for the benefit of the community of Ross.
  • Seek funding or supply funds for conservation projects in the village.

Profits from retail sales support the abovementioned objectives.

On-site management of the Ross Female Factory is provided by staff at the Centre. Upgraded displays and interpretation at the site have been made possible through grants totalling over $200,000, awarded by the Tasmanian Community Fund to the Tasmanian Wool Centre.

The Tasmanian Wool Centre attracts over 50,000 visitors per year.