Wool SamplesTimber and glass cases sit on two timber stands. The cases are filled with wool samples from properties in the district. One case contains samples of merino wool (pictured) while the other has wool from a mix of breeds.

The samples in the mixed case date from 1950/51, while the merino case has samples from 1946,1957, and 1966.

The wool samples are identified by wool brand and/or property and list the year and the price achieved. One of the wool samples fetched world record prices in 1946/47 and 1957.

This era was the hey-day of the Australian wool industry when prices reached the famous “pound for a pound”.


Tasmanian Midlands Families and Properties

For those with a keen interest in the local history of Ross and the midlands, Tasmanian wool, Tasmanian families, and midland properties, the wool brands and/or properties represented, and where known, the associated family during the period of the samples, are:

  • DAC in diamond/Ross – Mona Vale, Ross, Cameron Family
  • EJC in diamond – Ross – Lochiel, Ross, Cameron Family
  • DAC in diamond – Kelving Grove, Conara, Cameron Family
  • Vallyfield – Campbell Town, Taylor Family
  • O/ROC and L/ROC – Benham, Avoca and Connorville, Cressy, O’Connor Family (World record 1946/47: 153d for 4B/S)
  • Trefusis – Ross, McEwan Family
  • FWG Meadowbank – Campbell Town, Gibson Family
  • SCOTT (World record 1957: 503½ d)

The other stand contains samples of wool from a mix of sheep breeds, including Merinos, Polwarths, Corriedales, Leicesters and cross-breeds:

  • R VL Cullenswood – Fingal, Legge Family, Polwarths
  • Panshanger – Longford, Archer Family, Polwarths
  • CCS Norwich – Longford, Carrington-Smith Family, Polwarths
  • WW Meander Rise – Carrick, Walker Family, Corriedales
  • Fairfield – Epping Forest, Gibson Family, Corriedales
  • Mt FordMountford – Longford, Mackinnon Family, Corriedales
  • Sillwood – Carrick, Bell Family, Corriedales
  • Dalness – Evandale, Mackinnon Family, Corriedales
  • Streanshalh – Campbell Town, Nicholson Family, Corriedales
  • Pisa – Cressy, Gatenby Family, Merinos
  • A in diamond – Ellerslie, Cameron Family, Merinos
  • Rhodes – Longford, Gatenby Family, Merinos
  • L in diamond, Pleasant Banks – Evandale, Foster Family (earlier it was a Gibson property), Merinos
  • ELR Killymoon, St Marys, Ransom Family, Cross breeds

Other wool brands represented by not yet identified are:

  • FA over L – Leicesters
  • L in a circle – Leicesters
  • O over OO – Merinos
  • OWD over MC – Leicesters
  • NF over C – Polwarths and cross breeds
  • WRB – Polwarths and cross breeds
  • ATJ in diamond – Corriedales


Source: Tasmanian Wool Centre Significance Assessment 2013