This photograph shows the students, teachers and family of Horton College in its final days. In its hey-day Horton College was one of the best known private schools for boys, and a source of pride for the Ross district. By the 1890s depression however, enrolments had begun to drop and by 1894 it closed. Along with the school boys you can see here, are the headmaster James de Quetteville Robin’s children.

If you look very carefully towards the back you will be able to spot one of Horton’s girl students. This is probably Gertrude de Quetteville Robin, the headmaster’s daughter. She was dux of the school that year and apparently would have won the Horton Scholarship, except that due to the schools financial problems that fund had been exhausted. Despite her outstanding academic success, she wasn’t allowed in the front of the picture!

Donated by J Paine.

Last Horton College Students