Frank Goss

Frank Goss

Frank GossFrank was 27 years old when he joined up in March 1917, and he and his wife Ethel had four children. Frank had been away, working on the mainland for some years, but had returned to Tasmania, working in Hobart as a carpenter.

He arrived in France in July 1918, assigned to the 14th Field Artillery Brigade. He was initially a Gunner, and then a Driver. In January 1919, he injured his ankle in an accident while playing football with his unit and was treated in London.

He returned to Hobart, working as a carpenter but was declared bankrupt in 1923.

Frank and Ethel later move to Melbourne. Ethel died in 1932, at the age of 42.

Frank’s story is part of our exhibition: Our Grateful Thanks and Loving Remembrance, a moving and deeply personal exhibition remembering the soldiers whose names are immortalised on the Ross War Memorial.