Alfred (Alf or Grat) John Martin

Alfred (Alf or Grat) John Martin

Alfred John MartinAlfred had been working on wool properties around Ross when he enlisted in January 916, at the age of 23. He served with the 52nd and 51st Battalion in France as a Driver and ‘came through without a scratch’.

He returned to Australia in 1919. He was granted 200 acres of land in the Lake Leake area as park of the Returned Soldiers Settlement Scheme.

Alfred married Amy Elizabeth. They remained in Ross, and Alfred was a familiar figure moving his sheep to fresh grazing around the town for over 50 years.

Alfred attended Anzac Day services in Ross up until he was in his late 90s. He died in 1992, having reached the age of 100. He is buried in Ross.

Alfred’s story is part of our exhibition: Our Grateful Thanks and Loving Remembrance, a moving and deeply personal exhibition remembering the soldiers whose names are immortalised on the Ross War Memorial.