Elizabeth Pridden HortonElizabeth Pridden Horton was born in London on 3 November 1803, and arrived in Van Diemen’s Land with her brother in 1831. She married Captain Samuel Horton of Somercotes, Ross, at Park Farm, Jericho, in 1833 and joined him at Somercotes.

Elizabeth was a strong supporter of Horton College and of the Methodist Church, and of Campbell Town Hospital. She died in 1889 after more than 20 years as a widow.

The portrait

Elizabeth’s portrait has been coloured and finished to resemble a pastel drawing or watercolour. The portrait is an elaborate mount – the inner mount is oval with gold deep bevelled edge. The face of the mount is pale textured board. On top of this is an outer mount with cut detail and white and brown decorations hand-painted around the edge. The frame is also quite elaborate with a gold inner section with shaped moulding, one surface of which is highlighted with a gold pattern of interlocking squares. The outer surface of the frame is a gloss black lacquer with an incised pattern at the corners, highlighted in white. The side edge of the frame has further gold moulded detail.


Elizabeth Pridden Horton portraitThe frame dimensions are approximately 730mm high x 625mm wide, with the oval portrait measuring 450mm x 300mm and the portrait and frame are in excellent condition.

In this portrait Elizabeth is dressed in mourning clothes, with a black high collared dress with a white ruffled inner collar. She wears a jet and pearl mourning bar brooch at her throat. Her hair is worn simply, with a soft white organdie day cap or bonnet liner, edged with a pleated ruffle and trimmed with plain tails. Her husband, Captain Horton, died in 1867, which provides a provision date for the portrait.


Source: Tasmanian Wool Centre Significance Assessment 2013.